To find out whether jazz music works on normal people, you need:

Some normal people. A team of jazz-testers with varied ages and tastes will be subjected to various performances, to see what they think.  JazzJanuary is grateful to Matt, Evie and Oliver Barrow, Joff Bird, Dan Butler, David Crease, Andrew Gilmore, Andréa Grosbois, Ziya Hakki, Kate Harrison, Sophie, Charlie and Emma Smith, Jamie Swannell, Reena Tan and Alex Watson. They come to this music with clean hands: none has previously watched any of the JazzJanuary bands, nor set foot in any of the performance venues.

Some jazz-advisers, to give the testers a chance. JazzJanuary is grateful to advisers Karen Cheney (music teacher) and Joel Barford (session drummer) for help with the programme – planned around some recommended big bands – and for attending some performances and answering a lot of questions.

32 tickets have been booked across eight performances at five venues.  You can find out what happens right here.

RAM Big Band 14

Story and photos: Matt Pannell